Department of Anatomy

University of Otago

Congratulations to PhD candidate Megan Elder who has received a Scholarship from DAAD to study for three months in Germany. DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) is a German academic exchange service which provides funding to PhD students and young academic scientists to enable them to study in Germany.

Megan will be studying at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt under the direction of Professor Erin Schuman, one of the leading experts in neuronal protein synthesis. The Schuman lab is one of only two labs in the world that are using FUNCAT, a groundbreaking method of visualizing newly synthesized protein. Megan will spend her time in Frankfurt learning this new technique.

Building on Megan's home lab's data that shows that the neuroprotective protein, sAPPα, activates synaptic protein synthesis, Megan hopes to visualize and identify the protein made in primary neuronal cultures. This is a major focus of her doctoral research project, and the work being undertaken in Dr Joanna Williams' research laboratory here in the Department. Megan hopes that learning this new technique and bringing it to the University will be beneficial to many research projects University wide.

Megan is supervised by Dr Joanna Williams and Professor Warren Tate (Department of Biochemistry).